Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WikiChicks Whaddya Miss? Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Here are the interesting stories that we shared across social media today:


    Did you see our blog yet today? Wikichicks Tuesday's ChickTips is on historical archives Immigration databases!  http://www.wikichicks.wiki/2014/08/wikichicks-tuesday-chicktips-historical.html

  3. Tennessee State Museum in Nashville's exhibit "Slaves & Slaveholders of Wessyngton Plantation" captures the parallel lineage and progression of both slaves and their owners: bit.ly/1p9HH9o
  4. Family History shows are the hot ticket for TV these days:usat.ly/1qmhwZd

  5. Not everyone appreciates their ancestors or genealogy research, but the poem in this article is really cute!  http://www.  daily-jeff.com/opinion/2014
  6. /08/18/ancestors
    "Heredity" from Angelfire.

    I saw a duck the other day.
    It had the feet of my Aunt Faye.
    Then it walked, was heading South.
    It waddled like my Uncle Ralph.
    And when it turned, I must propose,
    Its bill was formed like Aunt Jane's nose.
    I thought, "Oh, no! It's just my luck,
    Someday I'll look just like a duck!"

    I sobbed to Mom about my fears,
    And she said, "Honey, dry your tears.
    You look like me, so walk with pride.
    Those folks are all from Daddy's side."


  7. Any article that begins "The discovery of an overgrown headstone..." has my attention!  http://www. stuff.co.nz/entertainment/music/10400692/Portrait-of-a-miner
  8. Genealogy is so inspiring, and evidently to musicians as well! Here's another story of a song based on ancestors from civil war letters to a sister in Alabamabit.ly/1tlNnfC
  9. Calling all Rosies the Riveters! American Rosie the Riveter Association is attempting to locate women who worked on the homefront during World War II in order to preserve their stories as supporters of the war effort as riveters, welders, electricians, inspectors in plants, makers of clothing and parachutes for the military, ordnance workers, bandage rollers, clerical, farming and volunteer workers collecting scrap metal and more. The association would like to acknowledge these women with certificates and place their stories in its archives. If you are a woman (or descendant of a woman) who worked during World War II, call 888-557-6743 or email americanrosietheriveter2@yahoo.com.
  10. Calling all Rosies the Riveters! American Rosie
    Calling all Rosies the Riveters! American Rosie
  11. And in line with my last post - Here are some shared stories from real life 
  12. 'Rosie the Riveters': http://bit.ly/1pbnwrL
  13. EVENTS:

  14. The World Acadian Congress continues through Sunday August 24th in Maine, parts of Quebec & New Brunswick, and everyone is welcome. Lots of activities, demonstrations, reunions - bit.ly/1sSHJ8e
  15. Marshall, Michigan folks - great presentation coming up Sept. 11 on Orphan Trains, really a fascinating topic. - bcene.ws/1tdo80X

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