Monday, August 11, 2014

Whaddya Miss? Monday, August 11, 2014

Lots of interesting stories today, with great, deep ideas to ponder as you research your family history!  Here are the items we shared today across social media:


  2. NEWS from the GENEALOGY world:

  3. "So in two sentences, I'd lost two grandfathers. Well, this was a shock."  A well-known geneticist discovers his family secrets.
  4. Ya gotta love Lucy - Lucy, our "ultimate" ancestor, arrives in Houston, Texas to stay for a spell, bless her heart..
  5. For those not content to "Find" a grave, how about "Adopt A Grave"? Neat idea to connect folks to overseas burial sites.
  6. How often do you think about how your life would be changed, or perhaps even non-existent, had an ancestor's experiences been different?
  7. Often we're so busy working we forget to make notes about ourselves and our work. I remember finding pictures of my great grandparents/uncles at their work offices, but I'm not sure I've ever thought to take pictures at my own office.. have you? Great reminder article:
  8. Wisconsin Steel Works Labor Division 1902, Tami's private collection.
  9. “He is just awestruck on how he is connected to the past and he realizes he is a somebody ... he is a somebody by the history that has come before him,”

  10. What's in a name? A family's heritage & identify - especially when it's a "big, fat, Greek name"  http://www.
  11. Irish Genealogy News has a link to the newly available St. Otteran's, Waterford online burial registers:
  12. Have you written an article on WWI? Today is the deadline for submitting articles for the upcoming special WW I issue of the British Columbia Genealogical Society journal:
  13. The Library of Congress has so many wonderful resources. This article discusses some of their oral histories available:
  14. I wonder how many Genealogy majors are under 30 vs how many are over?

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