Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday's Muse - 11 August 2014

Welcome to Monday's Muse, where we share some family history love to get you motivated for the coming week - not with cake, but with genealogical goodness!

6 "Muse"-ings to Kick Off Your Week 

1. Why Do You Love Genealogy?: This is a fun one.  Mary Harrell-Sesniak on the GenealogyBank blog shares comments from her friends and readers.I like this one: “I research my ancestors so I’ll know who to blame!” —J.H.

2. Can I Use That Picture?:  From Upfront with NGS, who shares this great chart from Lifehacker to help you determine if you should use an image or not.   It's important to become familiar with four terms–copyrightfair usecreative commons, and public domain

3. From A Patient Genealogist, blogger Devon Lee wrote this great post about how Family History is Everyone's Responsibility -  it's not just for old folks or people who are "into it"!

4. Have you written your own obituary yet? I think about doing that sometimes - just to make sure it's right! And funny. I want people to laugh when they remember me.  This article talks about the obituary of a Vermont woman whose obituary begins "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead".  Now, now this isn't as mean-spirited as you might think.  Prior to her death Joanna Scarpetti made her daughter promise to include that phrase in her obituary as the two of them shared a love of The Wizard of Oz and a great sense of humor.

5. Do you use FamilySearch FamilyTree?  What do you do to help someone who is completely new to genealogy? (No, you do not torture them with soft cushions and comfy chairs until they source things properly.)  Blogger James Tanner gives 5 helpful tips to get them going in this blog post.

6. Considering accreditation or certification? Michael W. McCormick compares and contrasts the two in Accreditation vs. Certification for Genealogists, An Opinion Piece.

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